School is out of session for the summer, but hunger never takes a vacation.

During the summer, kids miss out on important school and after school nutrition programs. That opens the door for many kids to experience summer hunger. It’s hard to believe, but even in our land of plenty, many hardworking families with kids go without food. Times are even tougher now because of the challenged economy.

You can help.

Give a gift of food this summer to needy kids. Make a secure donation online with your credit card by CLICKING HERE.

Your donation will go to feeding kids at schools, churches, playgrounds and other places where they enjoy their summer free time.

For more information about the Weinberg Food Bank and its parent organization CEO, our mission and our complete compliance with federal and state laws governing non-profit organizations or to view the names of our officers, board of directors or staff, CLICK HERE

To volunteer for CEO and the meal sites, contact King Adjei-Frimpong at 570-826-0510, ext. 215


virtualWhy use the Virtual Food Drive?

Your donation goes further on the Virtual Food Drive! Thanks to the Food Bank's wholesale purchasing power and efficient distribution model, a gift made here provides more food than through a traditional food drive —– doubling or even tripling the amount of food your dollar can provide at the grocery store. Your donation will help us purchase more of our most-needed food items, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and other sources of protein like peanut butter, and even fresh dairy products.

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Name: CEO’s Weinberg Regional Food Bank
Phone: 570-826-0510
Address: 165 Amber Ln, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702