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Mr. Smith was a school teacher, but two years ago he became ill and lost his job. Now, he has sold just about everything he owns of value - all except his violin: the one thing that reminds him of the life he once lived. Today, Mr. Smith visits one of the Weinberg Food Bank’s partner agencies for food and is so very grateful that because of our help, he can hold on a little longer to his prize possession and his happy past.

As a Monthly Giving Partner, your monthly gift makes it possible for people like Mr. Smith to hold onto their dignity, their memories, and have faith that better days are coming.

Day after day, month after month, the Weinberg Food Bank provides fresh, healthy food to community partners who in turn give that food to families in need. Last year, the Food Bank’s network of partners provided groceries for nearly 8,000 people and an additional 1.4 million meals! This could not happen without our dedicated partners, volunteers and donors like YOU! Thank you for being part of this work.

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